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About us

A company built on the desire and passion to manufacture and innovate.

The philosophy adopted by Metanox is based on the quality of service, the excellence of its products and the highest quality standards in manufacturing. Our professional team ensures to offer our customers and partners the best support throughout the different phases of design, manufacturing and installation of their projects.

From the manufacture of stair stringers, railings, stainless steel countertops to bike racks for your real estate projects, Metanox is your expert in custom manufacturing in the Outaouais region.

About us

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Our team

Our team consists of professionals certified in their respective fields, qualified to meet your needs. Submit your project and our team will be delighted to guide you through the development and implementation process.


Our passion

Metanox is known for our enthusiasm and passion to manufacture and innovate. Our founder, Guy Chauret, has dedicated the last 20 years to perfecting the methods and processes employed by the company.


Our experience

Metanox has more than 10,000 compiled hours under our belt in designing and manufacturing custom-made products to meet the expectations of our customers.


Discover our team

Guy Chauret

Founder and president

Stéphane Lécuyer

Production manager

Robert Giroux

Technical director


Operations manager

Xavier Cabeceiras

Project manager

About us

Sustainable development

Our sustainable development committee in our metal manufacturing company is an essential initiative.

About us

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