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A family history


A family story

In August 1993, the founder, André Chauret, established AB Usinage at 38 Valcourt Street in Gatineau.

A dedicated entrepreneur, André offers quality machining and welding services to local residents and businesses. In its early days, the company was offering machining and repair services for the pulp and paper and lumber industries of the region. It took only a short time for the company to develop relationships with various prestigious clients, such as Domtar, Sterling Chemicals and the City of Gatineau.


Wind of change

In October 2000, the company expanded and 670 St-René Blvd. was purchased to establish the workshop. Unfortunately, André Chauret will have very little time to enjoy his new facilities since he succumbed to disease in January 2002. His son Guy proudly takes over the company. An ambitious entrepreneur, he works tirelessly and grows the business by developing other sectors of activity.

In 2015, AB Usinage changed its name to Metanox to improve its visibility and competitive position in product design and manufacturing. Guy Chauret is already working on a construction project for the relocation of the company’s operations. In the spring of 2020, in the midst of a pandemic, Metanox transferred its operations to 101-1725 Atmec Street in the Gatineau Airport sector; this is a strategic location that meets its development objectives.


Third generation

Since the start of operations in its new premises, the company has increased its turnover and demonstrated a better profitability.

In March 2019, Stéphanie, Guy’s daughter, demonstrated her interest and intention to ensure the sustainability of the business that her father was able to grow. Since early 2022, Stéphanie has held the position of Director of Operations and assists her father in the growth of the company.

Metanox plans to maintain its development through investments in human resources, technology and innovation.

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